Swim Lessons

The City of Laguna Beach offers seasonal group swim lessons at the Laguna Beach High School and Community Pool for children of all abilities, as well as contracted private swim lessons for both children and adults. Any use of the Laguna Beach High School & Community Pool for swim lessons and coaching must be pre-approved by the City.

Laguna Beach High School & Community Pool is a American Red Cross approved facility instructing seasonal summer group swim lessons in the Learn-to-Swim Program. We offer 5 eight-day sessions throughout the summer season, with each individual lesson lasting 25 minutes, and a typical instructor to student ratio of 1:6. Children participating in Levels 1 and higher, must be at least 3 years old by the start of the session. Online registration for each session closes at 11:59pm the evening prior to the first day of that session.

Group swim lesson level descriptions are as follows:

  • Parent + Child: (*Parent participation is required. This class has an instructor to student ratio of 1:12.) This class is designed to familiarize young children with the water and prepare them to learn to swim in American Red Cross courses. The goal is to lead parents and their children in water exploration activities with the objective of having fun and being comfortable in the water.
  • Level 1: (*Child must be comfortable in the water without parent accompaniment.) Children will be introduced to the water in a playful and safe environment. Level 1 emphasizes blowing bubbles; front and back floating; submerging the face; arm movements; and kicking.
  • Level 2: (*Child must be comfortable submerging his/her face.) Level 2 students will learn the fundamentals of aquatic movement. Building on skills learned in Level 1, we teach rhythmic breathing with bubbles; unsupported floating on front and back; full submersion of face; front crawl; and backstroke.
  • Level 3: (*Children must be able to swim 5 yards independently.) The objective of Level 3 is to improve skill competency. Skills learned in Level 2 are fine-tuned by swimming longer distances and working more independently from the instructor. Additional skills taught include: elementary backstroke, bi-lateral breathing, treading water, and dives.
  • Level 4: (*Swimmers must be able to swim 1 continuous lap of each front crawl and backstroke independently.) In a Level 4 class, all previously taught skills are reinforced while building endurance, and preparing students for Level 5/Advanced Stroke and eventually Swim Team. The new skills taught include: breaststroke, butterfly, and standing dives from the pool deck.
  • Level 5/Advanced Stroke: (*Swimmers must be comfortable with all 4 competitive strokes. This class is 55 minutes long and has an instructor to student ratio of 1:12.) In Advanced Stroke, all 4 competitive strokes are taught and refined. Students continue to build endurance and skill mastery. New skills taught include: flip turns, open turns, dives from a starting block, and finishes.

Private swim lessons with Marianne are tailored to each individual’s unique abilities and needs. These lessons teach water acclimation and confidence; the basics of water safety and survival; and swimming techniques. Lessons are for everyone ages 2.5 years to 90+ years. It is never too late to learn!

For further information on, or to register for group and private swim lessons, please visit the City’s Community Services website or call the pool at 949-376-9818.