Please follow posted rules, signage, and lifeguards’ instructions at all times.



Q: What is the fastest way to find out if the pool is open?

A: Call (949) 376-9818. If the pool is open, staff will answer the phone. You can also view our monthly calendar to check for upcoming closures.


Q: Is this a saltwater pool?

A: No! We use chlorine to sanitize the water, but add sodium bicarbonate to  balance the pH of the water, making it more comfortable  for the skin and eyes.


Q: Where can I keep my belongings while I am in the pool?

A: We have day-use lockers available for public use. Overnight storage is not allowed.


Q: What is the water temperature?

A: We strive to keep the pool at 82 degrees year-round. However, keep in mind that factors such as wind and rain can change how your body perceives the water temperature – when it’s colder outside, the water tends to feel colder on your skin near the surface.


Q: How long is the pool?

A: The pool is 25 yards long. In the lap lanes, it is 6 feet deep at the shallowest point.


Q: How much does it cost to swim at the pool?

A: We offer a variety of payment methods. There is a $2 drop-in fee for individual daily use. We also sell 20-punch passes for $30, and annual and incremental passes for more frequent visitors. Annual passes are $150, and can be purchased on the City website. Pool staff can take cash or check payments only.


Q: Do you offer swim lessons?

A: The Laguna Beach High School & Community Pool offers American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim lessons during the summer months. These small group lessons are taught in a fun, supportive environment by experienced instructors. We invite young swimmers of all abilities to learn with us. Children learn water safety skills and technique for a variety of strokes in an exciting and engaging way.  Detailed class offerings are listed in the summer recreation brochure.


Q: Can I work at the pool?

A: We hire part-time staff for the summer season. If a position at the pool has an opening, you can find it on the City’s job opportunity page. Applications will be accepted online or in-person at City Hall. Please do not deliver job applications to the pool.